Cumbrian BeefAirey's have been on the same site since the 1830’s. Back in those day’s the animals were slaughtered on a slab and delivered by horse & cart.

Now we have a fully approved and licensed abattoir, and meat is delivered in refrigerated vans. How things have changed.

All of our produce is fully traceable from the farm to your plate and is all locally sourced from local farms or our own farm. This means that with not having to travel long distances, the animals are stress free which gives a more superior quality of meat.

Herdwick LambWe source Traditional breeds of animals, which are more flavoursome than modern day breeds, and give you the flavours of years gone by.

We are specialists in Lakeland Herdwick sheep. The Herdwick has recently been awarded a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

This means that for a supplier to sell Herdwick as ‘Lakeland’, it must have been born, reared & slaughtered in Cumbria, and we are one of the vital links in this chain to give it’s authenticity.

Flavoursome MeatBeef produce includes Galloway, Highland, Longhorn, Belted Galloway and Aberdeen Angus, to name a few. These are all old Traditional breeds of cattle.

Our pork supply is from a local farmer who produces Rare Breeds Saddleback and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.

Lamb is again sourced from our own farm or local farmers within a small area around us.

We stock Holker Estates Saltmarsh lamb when in season, (July – December). These come off the local salt marshes on the peninsular surrounding the Estate.


Finished MeatGood meat with tenderness and flavour is only achieved with a build up of reasons...

  • The Breed of Animal - Rare and traditional tends to carry more fat and marbling in the meat, this gives better flavour.
  • Correctly finished - To the right confirmation and fat cover.
  • Stress Free Animals at Slaughter - No long journeys or bad stockman ship (we have our own private slaughterhouse on the premises)
  • Maturing of Meat - Meat should not be sold fresh, as the flavour is enhanced when the meat is left to hang.

Steven Airey

P.S. We are a traditional butchery, so if you require specific cuts not mentioned in our product range, please contact me.